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​​ELECTOR  eHealth in Rheumatology is a telemedicine project funded by the European Union, 2015-2018.

First paper published from the ELECTOR Consortium in JMIR Research Protocols

'Formative evaluation as an iterative input to the development of an eHealth concept: the applicability of combining different methodologies to facilitate a rapid development framework for complex eHealth solutions'

A formative evaluation process with early and continuous stakeholder involvement has been an effective way of guiding the development process of the digital eHealth solution ELECTOR.

statements about elector

​​​​"This project will enhance European innovation capacity, strengthen the evidence base for health outcomes, and explore the potential economic benefits from new care models"

​​​​​​​​​​​"The ELECTOR project is novel, ambitious and has a high innovation potential" 

(The European Commission, evaluation report)

The ELECTOR project team engages in a variety of scientific and non-scientific events. Look for the ELECTOR logo on national and international websites, written materials and at venues around the world.

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Changing the future care of arthritis patients

About the ELECTOR Project:

We are developing a small, mobile blood testing device for home use. Routine blood tests are done using just a small finger-prick blood sample with test results available in minutes for you and your health care professional to see.  

​​A simple online self assessment tool will enhance your self management skills, questionnaires can be done online using your own tablet, smartphone or laptop computer.

Results are then transmitted to the  rheumatology clinic ready for your  appointment with your doctor or health care professional via a secure video or audio link. 

improving access to services when you need them