Funded by

the European Union

The University of Oxford & Botnar Research Centre

Oxford, United Kingdom

Leading partner: Professor Peter Taylor.
Dr Taylor has specialist clinical interests in novel therapies, rheumatoid and early arthritis. His research involves use of targeted therapies to understand pathogenesis of disease as well as use of novel outcome measures.

Revmatologicky Ustav & Charles University

Prague, Czech Republic

Leading partner: Dr Jakub Závada

Dr Závada is a rheumatologist and responsible for coordinating the conduct of the ELECTOR project at his institute. He is also an associate professor of Internal Medicine at the First Faculty of Medicine, Char​les University in Prague. Dr Závada participates  on several research projects in the field of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Gout. 

The Parker Institute

The Capital Region of Denmark. Frederiksberg, Danmark

Leading partner: Dr Henrik Rindel Gudbergsen, MD, PhD, MBA

​Dr Gudbergsen conceptualised the ELECTOR telemedicine project, assembled the consortium and headed the application writing and submission process in close collaboration with the partners and the Capital Region of Denmark's scientific office. 

Syddansk Universitet, Centre for Applied Healthcare Research

Odense, Denmark

Leading partner: Anne Lee, consultant, MSc, acting on behalf of Professor Jan Sørensen
Anne Lee has been running numerous projects within health services research. Presently, in the areas of telemedicine and integrated care. Anne Lee leads the evaluation of patient perspectives as well as organisational analysis in the ELECTOR project focusing on evaluation of consequences for organisations, patients and social economics. 

Atonomics A/S

Ballerup, Denmark

Leading partner: Peter Warthoe, MSc, PhD, CSO

Peter Warthoe has been an inventor and entrepreneur within life science and diagnostics products and technologies for more than 25 years. Among these he discovered the Gene Profiling Techniques. Mr Warthoe is the author of more than 30 patents and IP applications. 

Percuros B.V.

Leiden, the Netherlands

Leading partner: Alan Chan, MSC, PhD, CSO

Alan Chan has more than 25 years management experience in science and technology companies.  In 2005, Mr Chan founded Percuros where he still works in the lab to offer hands-on expertise in optical imaging of brain, tumour immunology, regenerative medicine and skeletal biology events. 

Philips Electronics Nederland B.V.

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Leading partner: Alison Sundset, MSC, PhD, Director of Commercial and Business Development, Home Clinical Monitoring
​Alison Sundset is an entrepreneurial health care and life sciences professional with over 20 years of experience in innovative business initiatives across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical laboratory industries. Ms Sundset has been involved in biotech assay design and development, global sales and marketing within the health care industry.

ZiteLab Aps

Frederiksberg, Danmark

Leading partner: Niels Steen Krogh, Founder and Managing Director

For more than 10 years Zitelab ApS has developed specialised IT solutions and analyses for hospitals and clinical departments.  Presently, Zitelab cooperates with national database and medical partnerships in Denmark and abroad on IT solutions within apoplexy, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatology, gastrointestinal diseases and back diseases.


Our partnership focuses on telemedicine and novel online solutions within rheumatology for better health care services.

We are:

  • Three European rheumatology departments in the Czech Republik, United Kingdom and Denmark with expert research and clinical competences.
  • A Danish research institution specialised in paticipatory design and patient involvement.
  • Three small private companies in the Netherlands and Denmark specialised in IT software and biotests and finger blood test devices for use in clinics and homes.

The diversity of our Consortium offers a unique opportunity to bring forth a novel telemedicine tool that provides patients, health care professionals, caregivers, relatives, researchers, business entities and governmental institutions with a significant improvement in patient care management. 

This is achievable for the first time, because the ELECTOR project combines each of the partners’ state-of-the art technology, competencies and knowledge ensuring a full-scale implementation of a concept yet untested in a large-scale international set-up.