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Peter Warthoe has been an inventor and entrepreneur within life science and diagnostics products and technologies for more than 25 years.

Among these he discovered the Gene Profiling Techniques. 

Dr Warthoe's latest innovations include:

  • The universal assay for determining the quantity of TNFα inhibitory drugs and their corresponding anti-drug antibodies
  •  Invention of new assays for the Trace platform
  •  A novel isothermal DNA amplification and multiplex detection technology called IsoPCR. The IsoPCR technology was published in Clinical Chemistry and Analyst in 2013.

PW is the author of more than 30 patents and IP applications. Further, he is an experienced facilitator of a number of international partnerships and business contacts. He brings together Danish biotechnological knowledge and market leading players within the pharmaceutical and health care industry. Notably from Europe, USA and Japan.

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Peter Warthoe, msc, phd
​Chief Scientific Officer