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The overall purpose of the ELECTOR project is to deliver an integrated eHealth platform and bring forth a feasible and valuable clinical concept to patients around the world. 

Our consortium and partners are committed to disseminate and exploit the ELECTOR eHealth concept or elements of it. Therefore, we are looking for partnerships within related disease areas with same commercial, scientific and clinical interest.

Several consortium partners are currently exploring the possibility to initiate projects in disease areas such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, oncology, hemophilia and gastroenterology.

Recently, this focus has resulted in the development of an international research and innovation project aiming to advance personalized medication in RA patients treated with biologic medicine. 

The ELECTOR researchers, clinicians and business entities are eager to strengthen our position within the biotechnology, life sciences, health care and pharmaceutical industries. We believe that achieving this will only be possible by combining transdisciplinary skills and technologies.

Please contact us for more information:

The Parker Institute

Department of Rheumatology, 
Copenhagen University Hospitals at Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg

Nordre fasanvej 57, Road 8, Entrance 19

2000 Frederiksberg

The Capital Region of Denmark 

Phone   +45 3816 3024

Fax       +45 3816 4159