Funded by

the European Union

​​​The ELECTOR project will be developed, evaluated and implemented by involving patients, clinicians, economists, researchers, designers and govermental bodies at key stages throughout the project period.



The ELECTOR project will develop, test, implement, and evaluate an eHealth platform for home-based monitoring of patients with arthritis.

The proposed platform will encompass a web-based software for communication and data transfer in combination with miniturized biochemistry devices using blood retrieved by finger pricking for measuring C-reactive protein (CRP), the liver biomarker alanine aminotransferase (ALT), granulocytes and haemoglobin at home.

The end result is an eHealth platform that will provide an integrated and direct collection of data into patient notes in the set-up of an eHealth outpatient clinic for citizens with rheumatoid arthritis.


The adaptive and flexible nature of this solution will change the provision of health care and may be disseminated to monitor a variety of diseases.