claus bomhoff


​Email​ Claus Bomhoff

P +45 3816 4155

​​Claus Bomhoff graduated as an MA in history and economics in January 2002. He joined the Parker Institute as a Research Secretary in June 2002 and was appointed Administrator/Chief Advisor in 2009. His main responsibilities at The Parker Institutet is running the secretariat and managing the daily administration and financial tasks, both in relation to the Parker Institute as a whole and in relation to the ELECTOR project economy.

Claus Bomhoff is also the coordinator of fundraising and assists the researchers with applications and reports and he has an extensive experience within funds administration and has acted as research manager on a number of projects. i.e. Ocay-04-137 >DKK 20 mill., OCay-07-264 >DKK43 mill. And OCay-13-309 >25 mill. He has participated in the negotiation >100 contracts and more than >30 Clinical Trial Agreements and is an active member of DARMA (Danish Association of Research Managers) and EARMA The European Association of Research Managers).

birgitte vedelstorp andersen

Assistant EU Project Coordinator

Birgitte Vedelstorp Andersen 

P +45 3816 4164

​Birgitte Vedelstorp Andersen joined the Parker Institute in 2015 as an Assistant EU Project Coordinator.

Birgitte is part of the ELECTOR management team and is in charge of the day-to-day communication and coordination amongst the project partners. She acts as contact to external cooperation partners and carries out a variety of event planning and practical communication. Additionally, Birgitte manages the ELECTOR social media and website. 

Birgitte holds a MA in Danish and English from the University of Copenhagen. She finalized her master’s degree in journalism in 2016.

henrik rindel gudbergsen

The EU Project Coordinator

Email  Henrik Rindel Gudbergsen
Phone  +45 3816 4162

Dr Henrik Gudbergsen, MD, PhD, represents the Capital Region of Denmark and the Parker Institute in ELECTOR.  He conceptualised the telemedicine project, assembled the consortium and headed the application writing and submission process in close collaboration with the partners and the Capital Region of Denmark's scientific office. Dr Gudbergsen is the official liaison between the Consortium and the Commission’s project officer as well as external collaborators and is responsible for financial, legal, ethical and contractual issues. 

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the European Union

The EU Coordinator team

The ELECTOR project is coordinated by Region Hovedstaden, Denmarks largest region, providing health care services to 1.7 million citizens and employing 40.000 people. ​