Unit of User Perspectives
University of Southern Denmark

anne lee
senior consultant, rn, msc

Anne Lee

Anne Lee has been running numerous projects within health services research. Presently, in the areas of telemedicine and integrated care.

Her main research topics are:

  •  User perspectives
  •  User involvement
  •  Participatory design processes
  •  Stakeholder evaluation

Anne Lee leads the evaluation of patient perspectives as well as organisational analysis in the ELECTOR work package six: Evaluation of consequences for organisations, patients and social economics. 

marianne sandvei​
consultant, ma

Marianne Sandvei

Marianne Sandvei holds a MA in Cultural and Communication studies.

Her work at the user perspective unit is primarily focused on evaluation of user perspectives, organisational perspectives on telemedicine as well as user involvement in the development of welfare technologies. 

Marianne Sandvei is engaged in work package six: Evaluation of consequences for organisations, patients and social economics. She contributes to the stakeholder evaluation, participatory designs processes as well as literature searches.

Birgitte nørgaard
associate professor, msc, phd

Birgitte Nørgaard

Birgitte's primarily research topics are:

  •  Evaluation of organizational changes
  •  Interprofessional education
  •  Interprofessional practice
  •  Research methodology

Birgitte Nørgaard is connected to ELECTOR work package six: Evaluation of consequences for organizations, patients and social economics

Additionally, she is responsible for translation, validation and analysis of questionnaires assessing patients’ health-directed behavior and acceptability of technology.

Furthermore, she is part of the ELECTOR communication group (work package seven).

Funded by

the European Union

lotte huniche

associate professor, ma, phd

​​Lotte Huniche

​Lotte is involved in work package six as a senior researcher.

She has a background in the social sciences and humanities and a track record of qualitative inquiry into health and illness.

She participates in qualifying and carrying out research around participatory design processes and stakeholder evaluation. Her particular focus is on involving users and researching user perspectives and on disseminating scientific knowledge in academic journals.